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Hotel Labor Optimization

Advanced Labor Cost Analysis, Planning, and Tracking

If cutting payroll was all there was to improving labor cost, everyone would simply do it, but success is providing great service and maximizing profitability . Based on our 25 years of developing Labor Performance Standards, our new cloud-based SaaS product brings new ideas to managing the largest expense at your hotel.

CIA Select Service

Detailed Budget and Forecast Software - Select Service

Designed specifically for the Select Service Operator and Owner, this is not a one size fits all approach. CIA’s system provides not only a frame work for storing numbers but is a process to help you determine what is possible. Our goal is to help you in developing predatory plans and budgets proven to increase profits, and improve market position.

CIA Full Service

Detailed Budget and Forecast Software - Full Service

Not just a better spreadsheet, or a central reporting tool, this is a complete process. Why you expect things to change is as important as how much they change. Stop playing the how much is enough game with your budget and forecasts.
Make them achievable and defendable!

CIA Resort

Detailed Budget and Forecast Software - Resorts

Resorts have some unique requirements in operation and planning. Our core productsare designed with a high degree of customization allowing us to directly address those differences. Factor based design, allows department heads to build their budget based on the business factors that drive it.

Daily Accounting and Analytics

Automated Journal Entry - Operational Analysis & Reporting

Our DSTAT application solves two problems for hotel operators, 1. An electronic bridge between your PMS / POS and your accounting system , produces a balanced journal entry to post revenue and stats into your financials. 2. The same data is used to produce a variety of tracking, analysis, and trending reports for use by managers in making in the day, and in the month decisions.

Multi-Property Analytics and Reporting

No more month end surprises

Multiple Brands, Multiple Systems, Different Operating Calendars… No problem. Multi-property managers, analysts, and owners canreview property performance every morning on their laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Revenues, Stats, Labor Hours and Cost, STR Data, Trip Advisor, and more, presented in a dashboard style view.

Data Miner

Build whatever reports and analytics you want

This application uses web services to allow Corporate Managers, REIT Analysts, Owners, and others with multi-property responsibility to build Microsoft Excel workbooks tied directly to all their properties financial, statistical, and market position data directly from CIA’s SQL based Multi-Property Analytics and Reporting Web Site.

Hotel Operating Profit Evaluation

How does your profit measure up?

This website provides a summary Financial Statement comparing your sales, costs and profits to that of 100’s of similar hotels. You simply enter as little as 10 pieces of information (more if you so desire) to receive a FREE financial analysis which estimates how much more money your hotel could make by achieving sales and costs metrics of like properties. Use the “what if” tools to see how changes in operations impact profit. Then, contact us for assistance with implementing plans to start achieving better profits.

Hotel Enhanced Accounting

A suite of services to help improve hotel accounting practices providing better reporting in industry-standard formats.