Hotel Statistics Interface for CIA Online Labor Reporting

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Hotel Statistics Interface for CIA Online Labor Reporting


This process has been developed to transfer daily statistics that affect payroll scheduling from a host system (hotel tracking or accounting system) to the CIA Online Reporting portal.   Each day, a file is produced by the host system that contains daily statistical information.  This file is transferred to the CIA website.  An application on the CIA website inserts the data into the online database.

Step by Step

The host system should collect the following data for each managed property on a daily basis:

  • Days
  • Rooms Sold
  • Room Revenue
  • Hotel Revenue
  • Occupied Rooms
  • Prior Days Rooms
  • Out Of Order Rooms
  • Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Guest Count
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Extended Stay Occupied
  • Prior Days Extended Stay Occupied
  • Extended Stay Revenue

The steps to be completed by the host system are:

  1. At a pre-determined time, a process is run that gathers these statistics for the day just ended and puts in a text file (.csv) format.
  2. One file for each property is transmitted to an FTP site accessible to CIA. The customer and CIA work together to determine who will host this site and how it will be secured.

The steps to be completed by the CIA Online Portal are:

  1. Monitor the predetermined FTP drop location for new files and process them as needed.
  2. Insert the data into the online SQL Server database.

File Naming

The daily file will be named pppp%STATVALUESyyyymmdd.CSV, where:

pppp is a unique hotel property identifier

yyyymmdd is the date associated with the data in Year, Month, Day format

File Contents

The CSV file will have 4 values per row separated by commas.  The values in each row are:

Name Description
HotelID The unique Hotel Property Identifier.  This is a repeat of the value included in the file name (see section above)
Date The date associated with the data.  If the file is posted after night audit is complete, then this is yesterday.
StatCode A predetermined 3 digit code (see table below)
Actual Value The data value.


The StatCode to use are:

Code Description
001 Days
002 Rooms Sold
003 Room Revenue
005 Hotel Revenue
099 Occupied Rooms
102 Prior Days Rooms
200 Out Of Order Rooms
201 Arrivals
202 Departures
203 Guest Count
204 Adults
205 Children
206 Extended Stay Occupied
207 Prior Days Extended Stay Occupied
208 Extended Stay Revenue


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