HOW To Troubleshoot when DREV will not read data form Delphi MPE

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The data from Delphi MPE is stored in a file named ppppRoomPace.csv where pppp is the Property Code for the hotel.  For example, 1234RoomPace.csv contains sales data for property 1234.

The file containing the sales data is typically stored in a folder named “Delphi” under the main Budget folder for CIA Financial Planning.  For example, if CIA launches from X:\CIA\Budget, then the standard location for the Delphi data file is X:\CIA\Budget\Delphi.

If there is a problem reading the data into DREV, follow the troubleshooting steps below.


  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to the folder where the Delphi data file is located (e.g. X:\CIA\Budget\Delphi) make sure there’s a file named ppppcsv where pppp is the Property Code for the hotel.
  2. Make sure the property is set to read from Delphi MPE. On the CIA Financial Planning menu, select “Property List” and check that the Sales System is set for “Delphi (Hosted)”.   If not, click the Revise button and change to the correct setting using the dropdown menu.
  3. Open DREV, and check that the third item on the left says “Load DelphiMPE Data and Run Pace Report”. If not, go back to #2 above.
  4. Click on the link labeled “Load DelphiMPE Data and Run Pace Report”. If another dialog does not appear, then DREV did not find the file in the expected location.  The resolution will depend on how the data file is delivered.
    1. If the file is downloaded using CIA, go to the Administrative Option menu and select the option labeled “Download Delphi MPE (Hosted) Data”. If this option does not appear, then the file DelphiPath.Txt is missing.  Contact CIA technical support for assistance.
    2. If the file is placed in the folder using another method, then the path in the registry is the issue. The path to the csv file is in registry key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\DREV\SalesLoad\Path. This registry setting is created automatically when CIA downloads the file (#a. above) but must be set manually otherwise.

Note: You can use the DelphiPath.Txt to download the file one time and set the registry key.  Subsequent reads will come from that same location.

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