Monthly Flash Reports Using CIA Portal

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Monthly Flash Reports Using CIA Portal

CIA developed Custom Report Templates to provide the ‘Flash Actual’ and ‘Flash Forecast’ reports for Radisson.  These reports are available at any time from the CIA Online Portal.  You first log into the portal at and navigate to the Reports > Custom Reports menu.  These instructions describe how to run the reports.

Every attempt has been made so that the report templates will not need modification for Year & Month.  Changes to the hotel portfolio will necessitate changing the template and the instructions for making such changes and updating the portal are included below.

Running the Flash Actual Report

To run the Flash Actual Report, go to the Custom Reports menu under Reports and select ‘RHG MH FLASH ACTUAL’.  The template is an Excel file that was previously upload to the site.  Fill in the parameters needed and click the Build Report button.  The site may take a few minutes to create the report.  The report is ready for download when the ‘View Report’ link is visible.

For parameters:

  • Under “Property Code:”, enter a legitimate for any hotel under management. While the report is multi-property, it needs one hotel to determine the date criteria such as last month of actuals.
  • For “Year:” and “Period:”, enter the current period for last actuals. This determines which month is the “Current Period” and the range of months for “YTD”.
  • For Forecast “Year:”, “Period:” and “Week:”, enter the month that the Official Forecast was submitted that will be reported on the report.

Note that every submitted forecast is assigned a Year, Period and Week based on when it was submitted.  Only one forecast within a month can be the “Official” forecast.  You enter a parameter of 0 for week to select the Official forecast.  The archived, official forecast is always used between the forecast values are being continuously updated and may be different from the Official forecast on the date the report is requested.

Running the Flash Forecast Report

To run the Flash Forecast Report, go to the Custom Reports menu under Reports and select ‘RHG MH FLASH FORECAST’.  Fill in the parameters and click the Build Report button.  The parameters will likely be the same as those used for the Flash Actual report.  That is, the month of last actuals loading from the accounting system is the same.  The forecast will be the official forecast submitted prior to the current month.  There is the possibility that you could use the official forecast from the current month instead to have a more up to date prediction of year-end.

Updating the Report Templates

The templates are uploaded by selecting the Install Worksheet Template option under the Admin menu.

First, check the box next to the template being updated.  Use the Choose File button to select the template from the local file system.  Then, click the Replace Template button.

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