There’s no DSTAT Data for ##/##/2018 for transmission.

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If your email says this below, please see instructions below:

The DSTAT Income Audit was attempted for ‘Test Hotel ZZ999’ for ##/##/2018 with the following result:

Choice Advantage Back Office File ZZ999_##_##_2018 was not found for import.
Check that all the necessary PMS files were transmitted for this date.

This must be fixed to create a Daily report and Journal Entry for this date.

Click on Reports, then go to the Accounting Reports list, click on the Back Office Report.

Make sure the date is yesterday or date you are trying to generate, click the SUBMIT button.

Once report is generated, open a new internet window to
(using username and password provide by CIA, if applicable)

Click on “Show in folder”

This will open a window with the file.

Use mouse to drag the new generated file to the website in the other window.

Once you have moved the file over to the website window, you can drop the file.

Once you have confirmed that the file is there, you can close the website window.

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