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Hotel Industry accounting made easy


Increase your profit by improving your accounting


Centered around Intuit‘s QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the number one accounting system for small businesses, with over 2 million users.


Preloaded with the 11th Edition USALI

This is the only accounting solution that comes pre-loaded with a subset of the industry standard chart of accounts selected by Choice.


Industry Standard Format

Operating Statement Formatted to the requirements of Lenders and Analysts.

Including: All required sub-totals for Departments, Labor Expense, Burden Expense, and Other Expenses.  All required statistics, including Occupancy, ADR, REVPAR, and GOP.


Easy Comparison to Industry Analytics

An Operating Statement integrated to your QuickBooks data that provides the metrics needed to compare to industry overviews like GROW, HOST Report, CBRE, and others.

Includes Cost Per Occupied Room, and Cost Percent of Revenue.


Choice Advantage Upload | Easy as 123

Choice Advantage Transaction Codes linked directly to specific accounts provides assurance that your revenue and statistics are properly recorded. The electronic interface means that your totals are loaded daily, without any typing.


Detailed Comparison to Other Operators

Get a monthly report showing how your property spending compares to similar hotels on an individual account basis.  See how your Housekeeper Payroll or Guest Room Supplies compare on a Cost Per Occupied Room basis.


Daily Analysis

Dashboards, Month To Date Performance Measurements, Month End Projections, and more.  Our Daily Analysis report is more than a scorecard of how you are doing so far, it includes projections of where you may be headed, Estimates of how your profit margin is being impacted, and areas of concern for you to consider.  That’s why we call it a “Decision Making Report”.


Searchable Expense Dictionary

The key to being comparable to industry reports and standards is to not only use the right chart of accounts, but to code your revenue and expense properly as well.  Users of this accounting solution, have access to an online searchable account dictionary that allows you to look up items you’ve purchased and see exactly where to code them.  Want to know where to enter the cost for “rubber gloves”?  Ask MIRA.

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