What you should know

  • It’s FREE
  • It is secured on a Microsoft Azure Server
  • All entries are anonymous
  • There are over 1300 Choice Hotels using it
  • It is like a STR report for expense and profit

What you will get

  • A comparison to similar hotels based on multiple profile points
    (Ie. Size, Zip, Rate, REVPAR, Market Rate, Market Type, Online Reputation, STR Indexes)
  • Comparison of Cost and Profit in Percent of Revenue, Cost Per
    Occupied Room, Cos Per Available Room, and Cost Per Day
  • Comparison of Year Over Year Flex and Flow to other hotels
  • Ranking Report for sharing with advisers, without exposing actual
  • Ability to “What If” your earning potential by changing drivers of

Ready to see how your profit measures up?


Comparison to Similar hotels

Your property will be matched by Number of Rooms, Type of Market, Average Rate, Market Average Rate, and 5 other points of comparison.  Then you’ll see exactly where your performance ranks in a variety of costs categories, departments, and metrics, and an idea of what you should be making.

Profit Analysis Dashboard

See immediately how your profit and spending compare to the selected properties. Properties with similar profiles to yours are separated into 3 levels of profitability, Best, Average, and Worst.  The dashboard shows what your profit would be if you performed at their level.

“What If”

GROW’s “Can I Improve” feature allows you to see what would likely happen to your profit margin if you improved your performance in one of the drivers of profit.  This “What If” tool is designed to help you determine what areas of focus to pursue.

Comparison and Scorecard

The Comparison Report shows what your expenses and profit would look like if you ran the cost margins of the BEST GOP Performers, the AVERAGE GOP Performers, and the WORST GOP Performers in your comparison group.  This is the most direct indication of how your expense management is impacting Profit. The Scorecard tab shows your spending, in the main comparison metrics, versus those of the BEST, AVERAGE, and WORST GOP Performers.  This is the most basic analysis of your properties performance, and where and why similar hotels are outperforming you.

Postion Report

This version of the comparison and scorecard shows how you rank versus the comparable hotel set, but without showing any dollar amounts for your hotel.  This allows you to discuss your performance with Brand Representatives, Advisors, employees, or anyone else you want without giving any indication of your profit or income.

Year Over Year Report

Many hotels measure their performance annually with GROW.  If you have two years or more worth of data in GROW, you may be interested in seeing how your performance improved or declined.  This report will show you changes in each area of GROW, for which you provided data, how well you Flexed or Flowed profit, and how your changes (positive and negative) rank versus the annual changes at other hotels.  Is your hotels performance following trends?

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